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Everyone wants to be remarkable. Everyone wants to be legendary. We are destined for greatness. The next visionary. One in a million and one of a kind.⁣


There’s no need for an introduction to describe this sensational figure. It flashes the sculptures that stand out in a warm impression, assembling each motion into one impressive emotion

We imagine they will look even more attractive when you wear them, dominate every scene with remarkable characters

After years of hard work, we are now able to tell you the history of the birth of our new article – Fès Boots.
All aspects of experience and tastes are applied in this design. Not only does the pair of boots also create characters in a TXTURE civilization.
Like an orchestra, it is made of many compositions. To create them requires creativity, patience, and passion that we shared with a solid team and with the best material components in all sectors. The consistency of leather quality and manually-sewn – made by hand – process makes the perfect present.

A year ago, we had the opportunity to do a trunk show in Morocco. The friendly atmosphere of the city, culture, and society greatly influences us in making this article. Fes is taken from a city in Morocco, which is famous for its traditional leather processing.

As for the design of these boots, we use the wave pattern on the quarter alongside the backstay area inspired from the Wave of Sahara desert, combined with a brogue accent to impress a bit of the luxury aura of a historical royal Morocco empire. The color used in this article (vegetable natural leather x chestnut light brown) is inspired by the warm tone of the dominant gradient in this country. We try to implement the spirit into the boot’s design to make it more appealing and stunning—a simple and basic concept of boots that will keep your feet warm.


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