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A REMARKABLE YEAR TO REMEMBER: It’s not just about time; it involves emotions.

In the euphoria of a new year yesterday, we enjoyed the night, sat side by side, amazed by the fireworks decorating the atmosphere. With a burst that brightened the sky, bringing our thoughts to drift, this past year – 2020 – has been phenomenal year

In what seemed to be endless void, there was the light. We survived and endured to stay sharp!

In 2020 we had the mark that we will always reminisce, we received an award in the Best Good Design Indonesia category from the Indonesian government. In challenging situations, we battled anxiety and worries and made it into treasured memories—a remarkable year to remember

As you probably know, we’ve had many plans to put off in 2020. For you, steadfast knights have become part of our story; Our humble businesses can stay operational in these challenging situations. Your unlimited support is our ammunition so that we can go through these situations brilliantly, making our journey feel magnificent⁣.
From the deepest hearts, and on behalf of TXTURE, we are very grateful—Thank you so much!

Still, with our heritage works and hand-carved productions, we are ready to work with you.
Cheers for the new journey⁣!


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