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Bamboo shanks

The basic material for making shoes can be categorized into two types, namely natural ingredients and synthesis materials. The environment provides us with the best material options that have ever existed. Various natural materials can be used to support production. The following are ornaments that are used as compositions for the bottom. As you can see our previous steel shanks, we changed to bamboo. In terms of resilience, from various sources, it is said that bamboo stronger than the steel. Because bamboo has a tensile strength of up to 28,000 per inch, while steel has tensile 23,000 per inch. Bamboo itself has several benefits, besides being sturdy support that is also able to prevent bacteria. Almost all of our shoes use hand-welted construction where this construction has a waterproof feature with the addition of this bamboo material. This process will increase better because it also supplies so that the bacteria do not grow. Another added value is this bamboo material is also environmentally friendly.

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