Made To Order


What supports our statement about the design is that you can see how our TXTURE shoes and boots standards articles vary and are modifiable.
If you think you’d fit one of them, send us an email to [email protected].
We can go further from that pit.

All our articles use hand-welted construction, with a full layer leather composition. We provide four types of construction options: Goodyear handmade, Veldtschoen, Norwegian, and our signature cadenon construction. You can see the different kinds of construction through the following link.

Tassel Loafers

Chelsea Boots Type II

Mallory Boots

Mariana Boots

Chelsea Mohawk

Chelsea Boots

Severity Boots

Low Quarter Moc-toe

Penny Loafers

Mansion Wing-tip

Mansion Long-wing

Civil Derby

Cavalry Shoes

Fès Boots

Warhorse Cadena

Manfred Boots

Pacific Boots

Boondockers Boots

Warhorse Boots

Victory Long-wing Boots

Sanity Boots

Supremacy Boots

LLC Chukka Mohawk

Civillian Boots

LLC Chukka Boots

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