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Shell Cordovan, The Timeless Elegance of Leather: A Masterpiece in Craftsmanship

Shell Cordovan leather, a masterpiece in craftsmanship, continues to captivate with its unparalleled quality, durability, and exquisite aesthetics. Discover the origins and meticulous production process of this luxury leather. Learn about its remarkable characteristics and the renowned tanneries that produce it, showcasing the enduring allure of Shell Cordovan as a symbol of timeless elegance.


Discover Your Perfect Toe-Style: Unveiling the Secrets of Sophisticated Classic Leather Shoes!

Introducing our exquisite three distinct toe styles: Plain-toe, Cap-toe, and Brogued toe-cap. Uncover the history, function, and impression of each style as we invite you to embark on a sartorial journey that reflects your distinctive taste.

Rossie Rahmadi Homme X TXTURE Collaboration for Arnau Collection

Discover the captivating collaboration between TXTURE and Rossie Rahmadi Homme in the Arnau Collection. Immerse yourself in the harmonious fusion of fashion, art, and nature as we showcase exquisite menswear looks and innovative experimental shoes.

FÈS Boots: Celebrating nature authenticity

It is not a surprise that nature’s beauty has always left everyone out-of-words. With this philosophy, we seek to present to you the alluring charms of nature into […]

Vibram: A History of Ambition and Quality Outsoles | TXTURE

Unveiling the Remarkable Journey of Vibram’s High-Quality Outsoles Discover the captivating story of Vibram, renowned for its high-quality outsoles, as we delve into the rich history and ambitious […]

Unicorn Elk Leather: Discover the Unique Collection by Charles F. Stead

Charles F. Stead is a familiar name for the fans of leather products. Not only it’s known for the good quality of its products, but CFS is also […]


Charles F. Stead: Quality leather company for fashion and sustainability

Charles F. Stead : A centurion in English tannery Quality leather for fashion and sustainability. Charles F. Stead (CFS) ‘s name rings familiar in the leather industry. With […]


TXTURE X VOYEJ: Constructing History To Represent Glory

VOYEJ Vasa by TXTURE As you may know, some time ago we collaborated with Voyej to celebrate their 10th anniversary. We were given the opportunity to interpret one […]