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    Netto : 75ml      

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    Available in Natural color Netto : 75ml      

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    Available in 2 colours : Black and Natural Netto : 50ml      

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    Saphir Médaille d’Or’s world-famous Crème 1925 has been favoured by leather shoe aficionados for nearly a century.

    This unique cream polish nourishes, conditions and revitalises the colour of leather. The formulation also provides protection and a beautiful wax shine.



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    A shoehorn or some other called it a shoespooner, shoe spoon, shoe Schlipp, shoe tongue is a tool with a short handle that flares into a longer spoon-like head meant to be held against the inside back of a snug-fitting shoe so that a person can slide the heel easily along its basin to the inner sole. There are a variety of lengths and strengths of the handle from shoehorn. Long-handled shoe horns are necessary for longer boots, while shoehorns with sturdy handles are useful for putting on boots or heavy iron shoes. ⁣⁣
    Shoehorns appear to have originated in the late Middle Ages or Renaissance; in English, a “Schoying Horne” is mentioned in the 15th century, though the French word chausse-pied is only found during the last half of the 16th century. Elizabeth I of England bought 18 shoe horns from her shoemaker Garrett Johnson between 1563 and 1566, then in 1567 ordered four more in steel from the blacksmith’s Gilbert Polson and Richard Jeffrey, and then needed no more until 1586. Presumably, these were used by many people in her household.⁣⁣
    When selecting a shoehorn, regardless of whether it is made from metal, wood, or actual horn from the animal, ensure that it has a smooth surface and does not break under strain. When inserted into the shoe, the shoehorn forms a sort of guide rail that covers and stiffens the heel cup while the foot slide in.⁣⁣

    Long figure headed wooden shoehorns 21 ½”

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    In these challenging days, don’t break apart.⁣
    We may part by distance but that will never make us lose.⁣
    Tighten the loose, be strong.⁣
    Because together, we can never be wrong.⁣
    Together, we are unstoppable.⁣

    Trying to take part to help during this recent health crisis (corona / covid19), we decided to produce the non-surgical mask for FREE⁣.

    These masks are a form of caring for togetherness and a tool for prevention to stay safe when interacting with each other⁣⁣.
    Made of 100% cotton. According to research, this type of material is still effective for capturing viruses. Plus we make this as a two-layer mask so you can add a filter between the layer.

    We currently only ship this mask to addresses within Indonesia. We wanted to produce more, but the tight schedule limits our capacity.

    Last but not least, hopefully, this small gesture helps.

    Stay safe, stay healthy and stay strong.

    One content: 2Pcs Masks

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    Still not sure about your size? Now we offer sample fittings that can be ordered here. This sample fitting is made with full layer leather, using blake stitches construction. Available in two sizes low quarter and boots. The colors we provide are only milk rough-out colors.

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    TXTURE shoe brush:
    It features a sturdy wooden handle and 100% horsehair.

    The shoe brush is an essential tool for taking care of your boots and shoes, removes dust and dirt after a day of wear, gently buffs creams and polishes.
    Made in England.

    15cm x 3.9cm x 3.4cm

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    Tie it tight, make a strong knot, bond it together, connect, enjoy, and make the journey memorable — rooted and attached.

    Give your shoes a more classic appearance with our genuine leather laces.
    Available in three different colors and lengths.