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    Taking the basic design of our Chelsea boots, but with a few modifications to the vamp and typical of our other Mohawk series, hand-stitched backstay with a tassel’s addition, manifest the traditional hairstyle of Mohawk men. Many other tribes, including Mohawk, remove most of their hair from the head by plucking (not shaving) tuft by tuft of hair until all that hair left was a smaller section. You can see the similarity of Mohawk hairstyle behind these series.⁣

    Wrapped with scratches brown – pull up leather, installed with hand welted construction, apart from the laceless design in this design, makes it easier access to put on or off. Merged with the lightweight Vibram 2810 Gumlite outsole, it provides comfort and supple support to your steps while shielding the feet.

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    Featuring side zippers that provide easier access to use. Bond with Vibram fighter outsole that offers a more significant impact on exploring various areas with flexible traction control. In contrast, the small side patch accent on the toe area emphasizes the advantages of presenting the right features in making clutch shifts, thus maintaining better body movement. This elegant composition is the perfect companion for any stylish rider and luxurious wanderer out there.