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Vibram: A History of Ambition and Quality Outsoles | TXTURE

Unveiling the Remarkable Journey of Vibram’s High-Quality Outsoles

Discover the captivating story of Vibram, renowned for its high-quality outsoles, as we delve into the rich history and ambitious journey behind this iconic brand. Founded by Vitale Bramani, an Italian adventurer and mountain climber, Vibram derived its name from its visionary founder. Bramani’s love for mountaineering began at a young age when he joined a hiking association in Milan. Over time, his skills and passion for adventure garnered recognition, leading to his appointment as the personal guide for King Albert I of Belgium, a fellow hiking enthusiast.

The Origins of Vibram:

In 1928, Bramani established Vibram with the support of his wife, Maria Fasana, in the heart of Milan. The shop quickly became a gathering place for nature lovers and hikers, solidifying Bramani’s reputation as a prominent figure in Milan and throughout Italy. However, tragedy struck in 1935 when Bramani lost a colleague during a climb on Punta Rasica. Driven by this heartbreaking event, Bramani committed himself to developing shoe soles with exceptional patterns and the highest quality materials designed for safety in mountainous terrains.


Vitale Bramani from A to Z | Vibram EU


Tragedy Fuels Innovation: The Birth of the Iconic Carrarmato Sole

Two years later, in 1937, Vibram introduced the Carrarmato sole, characterized by its distinctive style that endures to this day. This pivotal moment marked the beginning of Vibram’s success story, as Bramani’s ambition propelled the company forward, driven by relentless hard work and innovative approaches. Collaborating with renowned tire manufacturer Goodyear, Vibram honed its products and engaged in discussions about the finest raw materials, facilitating rapid growth and establishing global dominance. By the late 1960s, Vibram soles were being manufactured in various countries, including Australia, Chile, Greece, New Zealand, San Marino, Norway, and Switzerland.

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Global Expansion and Collaborative Success

Today, Vibram boasts three factories strategically located in Italy, the United States, and China. The brand also features a flagship store in Milan and two Vibram Technological Centers situated in North Brookfield, Massachusetts, USA, and Guangzhou, China. Marked by its distinctive gold plate logo, Vibram has evolved into a symbol of unparalleled quality, stemming from a tragedy that fueled Bramani’s ambition. His remarkable work ethic and visionary mindset are best captured in his famous quote, “Never dwell on old ideas.

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“Never dwell on old ideas”
Vitale Bramani

TXTURE’s Choice: Vibram as the Preferred Sole Provider.

For TXTURE, Vibram has become the preferred choice for outsoles. Among the popular options are wedges 2021, Gloxicut, Gumlite, Eton, Mortara, 1100, 2724, 430, and many others. While various brands may have been considered, TXTURE’s decision to collaborate with Vibram stems from the brand’s extensive history and shared values, ensuring the utmost dedication to providing customers with the finest products. Choosing Vibram as a supporting material perfectly complements TXTURE’s vision of building a brand rooted in heritage, resilience, and innovation.

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