Ritual Progression

Hard work, high standards for orchestrating beautiful symphonies – repeat and fade. Ritual strings with a gentle and lasting beat. Arranging rhythms with dynamic tempo amid contemporary resonance tones, we play traditional instruments—experimental and exploratory.

We are progressive instrumentals.

Hundreds of steps in one product, with less than 20 skillful musicians under one roof. The tradition that we continue to maintain in the pursuit of excellence.

Our Philosophy

About Us

TXTURE is taken from the word “Texture,” which means a density between two components. These two components are material and craftsmanship.

While the name TXTURE itself stands for Talented Extraordinary Culture, a word that carries our passion and idealism to explore further in manufacturing all of our works.

The TXTURE logo is in the form of a rose, which means beauty and life. This logo is inspired by the city where TXTURE was born: Bandung. This city earned a nickname as Kota Kembang, literally meaning the Flower City since Bandung used to have many flowers

This flower symbol leads TXTURE to deliver its vision of a solid composition that will accompany anyone who wears it on the greatest adventures in a beautiful structure.

The redefining time-honored boot & shoemaking, solidly constructed by skilled artistry, read as “Texture,” is an identity, the feel, appearance, or consistency of a surface or a substance; TXTURE is an attitude. Built-in honor, independence, and incredible craft made exclusively for the customers with great passions toward arts and aesthetics. We keep ourselves and our products as original as we could have always been at the heart of our work. The more you see, the surer you are that the imperfections of handmade it presents are what makes this work perfect. Clean and clear, the trademark of TXTURE always holds.

Est. 2009

Our Story

Since 2009, TXTURE has remained faithful to exploring and deepening the spirit of making quality products. The exploration of beautiful materials and the extraordinary transmission of knowledge enables the creation of useful and elegant objects that stand the test of time – forging the uniqueness of TXTURE.

It started at Joe Rahadiantara’s garage. Along with his team to operate this family-run company. All TXTURE products are made in our own workshop in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. TXTURE is committed to maintaining its humanist value and providing innovative products while continuing socially responsible.

In 2016 Annisa Amalina Tamimi joined us and became C.E.O of TXTURE in 2018, while Joe focused on developing the production. Under her leadership, TXTURE legalized its business with the name of PT TEKSTUR KARYATAMA SEMESTA.