Men Basic Series

    • $270$300


      In the year 1851, when victorian era flourished at that time. The first birth of elegance pair born in the period ruled by Queen Victoria. ⁣⁣For almost centuries until now, the Chelsea Boot has become a true style icon.

      TXTURE gives a distinctive silhouette that makes it more unique according to our nature and makes it a rhyme to complement your classy impression from a minimalist silhouette to a laceless scheme to take on and off your shoes easily.⁣

    • $270$300


      Walk down in the crowded streets in confidence. Through the boulevards of beautiful dreams. This is the journey which takes years to reach, the journey of life. ⁣

      Chelsea boots in rough-out natural. Exude charm in a casual way⁣

    • $270$300

      Strive to make the timeless delighting moment with the companion that is so loyal and elegant — living in a world of dream that carries the hope of cruiser. This casual and gallant could help push past it with an excellent way to do it.⁣⁣

    • $265$2,630,000

      The imagery world we live in considers look as an important – if not the most important- thing. This pair of casual yet rugged-looking leather tone to give perceptions perceived as the essential part of this roles.

    • $265$295


      Another attraction that strengthens character. It’s beautiful but still tough. It’s soft but still solid. Arrange your marks to be statement-makers.

    • $270$300

      When in doubt to combine the tones of shoes and outfit worn, black is our primary choice, with the installation of a natural-colored edge trim so that the composition can still connect in an informal style but with the slick way. These characteristics can also be found in this makeup; Civil shoes in black leather with brown tea-colored edge trim and combine with veldtschoen construction and micro studded sole.

    • $385$435

      Preparing the next wander and willing for the wilder. Keep walking. It’s a long and winding road ahead. Take step by step, but go forward. No matter how hard the path we have to face might be, move even if we have to drag ourselves.
      Civil derby shoes in crazy cow amber couch; be in your solid vibe, in any outstanding vogue.

    • $285$315

      Every single detail has its own stories—for example, the design of these boots. We use the wave pattern on the quarter alongside the backstay area inspired by the Wave of Sahara desert, combined with a brogue accent to impress a bit of the luxury aura of a historical royal Morocco empire.⁣
      ⁣Decency and compassion from the people’s hearts are always touching. Elegance palace from the past empire always fascinating, and their simplicity of life is still inspiring. Humble and warmth. Balancing all elements into a pair of boots⁣⁣
      A simple and basic concept of boots that will keep your feet warm⁣

    • $340$370


      Featuring side zippers that provide easier access to use. Bond with Vibram fighter outsole that offers a more significant impact on exploring various areas with flexible traction control. In contrast, the small side patch accent on the toe area emphasizes the advantages of presenting the right features in making clutch shifts, thus maintaining better body movement. This elegant composition is the perfect companion for any stylish rider and luxurious wanderer out there.

    • $300$330


      The world is filled with the manifold journey. Feel the right path and right companion that spur to moves one step ahead to select one way. And one becomes the pioneer of their journey to seek a dream long desired.⁣

      An eternity companion of seeking dreams. Together to walk through the chosen path. A solid, black bulky of confident, eternally limitless; come as a dreamcatcher mate. Let this night be your first journey to take with this fierce black pair.⁣

    • $300$330


      Start from the small details, becoming a signature, then presenting remarkable.

      In the presentation of all our articles, if you pay close attention, we always mark our sign. Whether it be a silhouette, a pattern, or a stitch line. In these Manfred boots, we put our stamp on the quarter area. Suppose our Warhorse boots have a vertical string line extending from the lock stitch area. In that case, Manfred’s vertical line is shorter but accented with double stitches. This small line will be a unique contrasting and differentiation to be recognized as a TXTURE.

    • $285$315

      Stand tall with pride, sustain the momentum, struggling with honor and strength in the final match of life. Gain that triumph once again and feel the mastery during every journey.
      Manfred boots in rough-out tan with Cadenon gold&white construction: A perfect companion for those glorious victorious.

    • $295$325


      Whichever you choose, the black color can be suitable for you. Whether you will wear a formal dress or drop-down with denim, this color can easily harmonize your composition.

    • $295$325

      Can you imagine it?
      An elegant evolution and classy persona are merging into a beautiful patina. Its character comes from the combination of natural vegetable leather and casual layer composition. A sequence of softness with strength and an impressive natural stain that makes it perfect.
      Experience nature naturally with a pair of Mansion long-wing shoes as pure silence.

    • $310$340

      ⁣Preserved and conveys the story of Mariana as well as maintain an aesthetic style and picturesque scenery in the same time⁣

      Walk with confidence and spread the true story of Mariana. Keep the tale in everlasting memories to tell in the future⁣

      Future and past connected to each other
      A vast adventure in the future and an everlasting memory in the past
      Both of them bound inside this best beast of Mariana boots.

      A story from the past to tell in the future.

    • $300$3,180,000

      Its shapes are wild, and its heartstring is elegance. As the cowboy walking in town in gallantry. By standing dashing, he shows how a gentleman should be

      Pacific boots in dark brown: A lifetime companion for every journey.