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Timeless Chelsea Boots Collection | Explore Txture’s Versatile Styles

Age like fine wine, Chelsea is classy as always.

Despite being a defining fashion item of the cool British kids in the ’60s, tracing Chelsea boots’ history means dating back to the Victorian era, when they were first designed by Joseph Sparkes Hall, the Queen’s shoemaker himself. With its identifying characteristics being close-fitting, ankle-high, and with an elastic panel harnessed on each side, this particular type of boot was designed for hassle-free slipping on and off one’s feet, as word has it that Queen Victoria wore them on a daily basis, either for horse riding or simply walking.

Over the course of time, the initial design that evolved around practicality extended towards appearance as Chelsea boots made it to the popular scene as an iconic fashion item. If the legendary English rock band, The Beatles, teamed the footwear with their signature suits, people of the ’80s played a more liberated game by pairing them with jeans, leather jackets, monochromic midi skirts, even floral maxi dresses.

History repeats itself, so does fashion. Today, with a practically non-existent limit to the game of mix-and-match, people are in full charge to pair their Chelsea boots with whatever clothing articles occupying their closet. This timeless appeal of Chelsea boots has driven Txture to accommodate those free-spirited individuals in defining their characters by donning a pair of its line of Chelsea series, such as Chelsea I, Chelsea Mohawk, Chelsea for Women. Chelsea boots are praised for their versatility, not without reason, from casual to semi-formal, from men to women.

With every article offered, TXTURE brings varied options:
The Chelsea Type I comes with its unique vamp combination.
The Chelsea Mohawk adds a little tribal vibe; a traditional style is carrying original, indigenous values.
— And Chelsea for the Eves that we dedicated exclusively to women.

To complete the collection, we are proud to introduce to you our new Chelsea boots design:
Chelsea Boots Type II
They come with their simplicity, wrapped in red-wine leather with the lightweight Gumlite outsole, in which you can cover more miles easier, and bond with the strong durability of hand-welted construction.

You can claim whatever Chelsea boots that suit you through our webstore. You can even add your personal touches to define what and who you are through our “By Request” program.
After all, the opportunity is there; the door is open wide for you to express and to be seen in the whole wide world.

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