Step 1

Measurement Instruction

Wearing your boot socks, stand on this sheet of paper (download here). Distribute your weight evenly on both feet. Holding a pencil straight up and down, outline each foot.

download the form using a PC / laptop to make it easier to print and upload

Step 2

Measure your foot length and width. The simplest way to do this is stand on a piece of paper and mark the points at the back of your heel and tip of your big toe. Wear the type of socks you will wear with your shoes and distribute your weight evenly before measuring. This measurement will determine the length and width of your foot.

Step 3

Take measurements of your foot at the heel, in­step, and ball with a mea­suring tape as shown on the diagram above. Gently pull tape snug. For an accurate measure, we recommend sitting down and crossing the leg of the foot to be mea­sured over your other knee.

Step 4

Measure around your leg at 6″, 8″, and 10″, intervals from the heel to the desired boot height. Example: If you want a 10″ boot, send us your 6″, 8″, and 10″ mea­surements.


If your foot tracings and measurements indicate that you need a special pat­tern, we will notify you be­fore starting your order. If you ordered boots from us in the past, we may have your measurements on file. Please check the box below and provide us with the ap­proximate year of your last order.