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Warhorse boots in red-blood and Vibram Tygum #700

Boots make us (look) stronger. Red is the color that symbolizes strength, and blood emphasizes struggle. How if those elements are combined?

Like this boots with basic warhorse, named after its philosophy aimed for battles. Covered in a handsome red blood leather, what matches to the team is a gentleman ready to take risks in his life challenges, and a man who takes responsibility in every step he makes, with its muscular Cuban heels stance and vertical string line with the contrast stitching catches the eye on both the quarter area and back counter area. The idea and the entity collide as our effort to bound the owner and the boots in a unity to reach whatever they pursue.

We’re always excited to do new things at our workshop, this recent result is the new application of the red-blood leather and #Vibram Tygum #700 sole with its stitching technique. This composition and this red-blood is a new member of our color variants, available thru our made-to-order program.


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