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FÈS Boots: Celebrating nature authenticity

It is not a surprise that nature’s beauty has always left everyone out-of-words. With this philosophy, we seek to present to you the alluring charms of nature into […]

TXTURE Boondocker Boots

Inspired by the soldier’s military boots at the world war. Not the best time to remember, but the bitter memory will not be a useful thing if it’s […]

Warhorse boots in red-blood and Vibram Tygum #700

Boots make us (look) stronger. Red is the color that symbolizes strength, and blood emphasizes struggle. How if those elements are combined? Like this boots with basic warhorse, […]

Severity Boots

Started from the details, then we enhance it and make it more beautiful. The concept of this article is quite simple. Taking the basics from our Sanity lace […]

Cavalry Blucher Shoe

Another member of our low quarter article, we present you Cavalry Blucher shoe. The cavalry is dubbed from Mr. Gebhard Leberecht von position during Napoleonic Wars in 1806. […]

Civil Shoes – Derby

Our new Civil shoes III. Shaped beautifully from our new Siuri V.2 last, wrapped gently with a black and redwine pull up leather. To bond the leather outsole […]

Warhorse III. Teaser

Built to fit your feet, this boots is like a statement made, and our consistency to make fine shoes. Will be available very soon. Stay tuned.