TXTURE: The Great Companion Boots January 2, 2020

Companion Calling⁣

The Great Story in 2019 ended with fond memories, but the journey moved on. The journey would thoroughly explore man’s potential. Summits of courage. Finest moment. And in the soul, we prepared. The future is there, and the future that we want to achieve must be chosen, nurtured, and guided.


Elevate life, dress properly.

We walked side by side, spent the night and the music slowly faded. The day will change, the season will end, yet the memories remain. Thousand miles, one strong companion.
The color, feelings, brogue, and scenery of warm expression felted. Encouraging people’s passion to take the joyous days that spent together under the heat of adventures spirit⁣.


The presence of picturesque life⁣

Each life contain a message. A tale to tell, but this story is a bitter one. Mariana mallard has through many miserable episode. And in the end, caused by our ego and anger, this picturesque lifeform is vanishing, annihilated. Tears fall, and nature felt the cry of sorrow around the earth.⁣ ⁣

 Mariana wants to convey a message that every lifeform is beautiful and must be protected for future comes. Choose this beast, and your journey ahead will be more potent and brave enough to take responsibility to protect every lifeform. Loving and caring nature⁣


Tenseness wild west of America⁣

Indeed, every story has a precious meaning, something we can take a lesson to keep and learn. But, if you are making a journey to the west, not only valuable but the tense of wild can be felt. So tense, shuddered, and yet exciting. Lots of action and adventure. The folks are gathered around and enjoying the moment⁣

Cadena here will give a different experience of adventure. Choose this magnificent cowboy to be your companion, and your journey will feel more tenseness and excitement. Lots of action that you will always remember in memory⁣


A Noble Warrior⁣

Still telling a story in the land of wild west. Taking place in North America, near in the valley of the Mohawk River in present-day upstate New York, west of the Hudson River.⁣⁣ People of the Great Flint lived, keeper of eastern door and keeper of peace. A strong willpower of warriors showing their respectful attitude. A brave warrior that protect their home, their land with heart and soul. The Mohawk Warriors ⁣

Mohawk indeed is a noble and respected warrior. Choose this brave warrior to be your real mate and gain respect among them all. Be a warrior who always struggles with protecting one that most important in life.⁣

New Story, New You⁣

The future has many paths, select one, and your story begins. Choose with heart and will because the future you chose will determine who you are and what kind of story you through.

When something big in the future comes, choosing this enormous and majestic beast of companion is the exact selection. Making your journey feels majestic and be the leading figure⁣.

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