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Hallmark of an Identity: Cadenon Chainstitched Construction

One of the most complex, most durable, and heritage types of constructions in shoemaking is suitable for long-lasting, sturdy shoes that brave the elements. This construction has several names, but this three stitching technique famed with name as Cadenon construction, a dialectal word from Vicenza that stands for a handmade development.⁣
Cadenon is the only hallmark of our identity. It is the trait and character of us. One of the trickiest techniques, as it involves many steps and can quite rightly be regarded as a fully-fledged work of art. The three stitching of white and gold string on the sole that creates a little chain is a bond of commitment. A clear statement without saying a word. Represent our aesthetic enthusiast⁣.

Gold and White Chain-stitched (Cadenon Storm-welt)

Know that the Cadenon construction technique can use two different welts. The welt is such as regular welt and storm-welt. Whatever you chose, our commitment will stand to show you our aesthetic masterpiece.

Gold and White chain-stitched (Regular welt)


A well-attractive stitched from our Cadenon construction. It fuses the red and white string that creates a strong bond: A combination that manifests our lofty red and white.⁣
This red and white cadenon stitch also is one of the other variations of golden and white – A color composition that characterizes a sign of courage and uniqueness.⁣

Wherever we are, and wherever we go, when we look down, we still remember our precious homeland, a picturesque place where diversity can be united and become one. Indonesia, the place where we stand together.⁣ One of Txture’s commitments to become the best Indonesian bootmaker.


Our artwork crafted with great passions and hearts. Handling it with care to make every part bound into a symphony of colors or words that grooving together in harmony⁣.

Using every instrument we have, pinchers and an awl haft in grasp. Inspiration is coming, becoming our guidelines for creativity. Then, the hands flick, crafting and stitching make all pieces become one masterpiece, and that masterpiece we crafted is a reflection of you and a companion that will accompany you in a journey that you must pursue⁣.

Our made-to-order program is one of our processes crafting an artwork. This scene is one of the results – An outstanding development of Cadenon construction with various modifications by fusing the string’s color tone. Make it just like a reflection of you, becoming one with your unique personality.⁣

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