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Our true heroes who always dedicated their best for us. To keep us healthy and to protect us. Working every day at the frontlines to keep us safe. They put their life at risk to makes our world better

Now, as a form of our gratitude to all healthcare heroes. An appreciation for healthcare heroes for their hard work.

30% discount reward for health workers all over the world as our appreciation for your endless caring and tireless effort. Stay safe heroes. We count on you.

This discount applies for order by website or email. For order by website, you can contact us first. We will give you a voucher code that can be filled at checkout

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Show ID card / STR / other supporting documents that show the profession of the medical team
  2. Discounts are valid only for shoes/boots using local materials. Shoes/boots that use imported materials (soles/leather) will be charged the regular price.
  3. If you wish to order our line-up articles through our website, hit us an email first, then we will give a Voucher Code for this program, after fulfilling the conditions in point one.

For more information [email protected]

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