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Cavalry Blucher Shoe

Another member of our low quarter article, we present you Cavalry Blucher shoe.

The cavalry is dubbed from Mr. Gebhard Leberecht von position during Napoleonic Wars in 1806. While blucher came from his alias after he assigned a group to make shoes with proportional sides in attempt to give comforts for the soldiers. What happened after is historical; the model has been adopted throughout European nations.

Cavalry is also meant a metaphor for its brave and strong will to accompany and accommodate your passionate spirit. You can order this new article with specs as follows,

Upper: Pull-up Dark brown
Lining: Fully lined lambskin
Insole: Vegetable natural leather
Midsole: Vegetable natural leather
Construction: Goodyear hand-welted (360 degrees)
Outsole: British ITSHIDE top-lift heels

The shoes are to be sent at the end of August if you order before 25th August. After that, it’ll take normal 4-6 weeks for the order to be ready.

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