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Brightspot Market 24-27 November 2011 #Report

Brightspot has just wrapped its seventh presence since the first time they appeared a year back then. Located in Plaza Senayan Jakarta 24-27 November 2011, Brightspot had attracted many people to come, shop and join the event. Over 50,000 people came to this most-awaited event with more than 100 tenants participating. Lined-up with brands like Pot Meets Pop, TOSAVICA, W-Space, Jansport, Zevin Shoes, Peepo Idealuminosa, Chevalier, Unkl347, MassiveThings, Aye! Denim, Voyej, Satcas, etc, add too special DJ performances and Food and Beverage booths, this event made people spend whole weekend at the venue.
Lucky for us, Txture joined the event for the first time. Weeks after we put our first collection at The Goods Department store, we were invited to join Brightspot. It was so special for us that we took the moment to launch the latest series; Txture 1988 De Luxe Series. Questions and demands from our friends about the products of the series eventually paid after seeing and trying them on. The very limited products were sold exclusively premiere at the Brightspot Market. We thank and congratulate you, people who bought the products.
Taking place at the 5th floor of the building, the venue, which was once a Bowling area, was a huge place. This was the biggest place that Brightspot had ever used. No wonder they had more tenants than the previous one at the Pacific Place. Though the place was huge, it had, well say it less-good air cooling system. People were just sweating and kept waving hands to throw the heat away. Maybe you were one of them, ha.
Day one was special and exclusive because the committees made it open only for invitations and selected credit-card holders. They gave special offer and discounts at the first day. At the day 2 to 4, Brighspot was open for public and people were just like starving and craving for the goods the tenants sold. They just wouldn’t stop coming. It was a mess; a beautiful mess!

See you soon at the next Brightspot, fellas!