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The bright yellow light is flashing through your mind, carrying you to the past moments. It was so tense with buried memories.
Your pulse escalated as the string sections guided you through every scene.
The what-ifs and the could-haves.

We can’t go back, but there’s one thing you can do. Reminisce and cherish them. Celebrate the old time with the spirit we bring in every pair of Mariana Boots.


One story that hasn’t been told, a bitter tale, but it’s something to remember. With #Txture, let’s be part of the change and correct what is wrong between us.

Designing our way back into the past will bring you to the forefront of history. In the past, the human ego affected the harmony of life, and we must take responsibility as humans. Let’s dive in and learn from the bitter memories we feel.

Look in the mirror. Look beyond the eyes. Deep down, there is the ego and anger that are the source of destruction of life in the past. The existence of one life is beautiful but is destroyed by our ego and anger. Walk with confidence, get rid of the dirty heart inside, and take responsibility as a human being together.


After World War 2 was a difficult time for Mariana Mallard’s population, flocks of ducks were rarely seen in large numbers. In Guam, 1949-1967, the duck population was observed, whereas, in Tinian, the last duck was recognized in 1974.

Lake Susupe is one of the ideal habitats for the Mariana Mallard population, this lake is more than just a sugar factory in Saipan, making ducks survive even longer, compared to other regions such as Guam and Tinian.

On June 2, 1977, Mariana Mallard replaced the most extinct animals. In 1979, two males and one female were found, which were then captured in Saipan. One male was released back to a liar of nature and became the last duck to be seen living in the wild, while one male and one female are taken to the Pohakuloa Training Area in Hawaii for breeding and then brought to SeaWorld San Diego. However, the business did not bear fruit either. This duck became extinct due to the death of an individual in 1981.

Tears are falling. Nature feels the cry of sadness around the earth because the era of downfall has come—the period of extinction. One life has disappeared, and we are the cause. The existence of one life is the Mariana duck. Outstalet duck.

They suffer from draining wetlands for agriculture and construction, hunting pressure, pollution from sugar factory waste, and much of it is war.

Remembered for them and for taking responsibility as human beings, improve the creation of a memory that conveys messages and takes you to do something for more significant change to make life more beautiful. You will see it soon.

After bitter memories of the past, we carefully chose the right ingredients to convey a message that is far from it. You can find and feel the feelings of ducks outside of ducks—heart to heart.

After choosing the right ingredients, we make them with our hearts and create them with our souls to take control so that there will be no more destruction and the extinction of one precious life.

Mariana Boots

Mariana Mallard’s bitter story inspired TXTURE to make this article, preserved from nature’s wise. Soar high with sharp sight—the boots for the best beast. We are pleased to introduce you to Mariana Boots: Mariana Boots wants to convey and persuade us that precious life must be protected even if only one life exists because every living thing is beautiful to live on earth.

Let’s walk confidently and responsibly as human beings and protect the image of life for the future to come.


Mariana boots design, inspired by Bean Boots or now known as the duck boots produced in 1911 by L.L.Bean. The shoes created to protect feet from getting wet because of heavy mining work. Bean Boots consists of rubber sole and leather on the upper part that protects the feet from the base.

While TXTURE itself, created Mariana boots, with a world cultural heritage technique that is hand welted construction with its main features being resole-able and protecting feet from getting wet.

The overall color that encloses the article is a hallmark of the Mariana Mallard duck, which is a gradation of pale colors: light brown, dark brown, black and beige. The brown stitching and contrasting white color throughout the boots inspired by dark brown eyestripe and a faint whitish ring at the base of the Mariana duck’s neck. The stitches on the toe combined with Vibram ripple sole add to the strong impression of a duck carved into a boot. Besides, this type of sole has an ergonomic feature where the foot gesture when stepping is better supported, plus the application of a 100% latex footbed adds to the comfort of these boots. This type of storm-welt construction made by hand and providing more value adds excellent waterproof and durability so that the boots can use for a thousand miles. Even if the rubber from this outsole wears out the distinctive feature of this type of construction is the resole straightforward process, then it becomes something that is not impossible until finally it can be passed down from several generations — Passing the legacy on is the core of the design and features that we apply to these boots, inline and have the same spirit to remind an extinct life while giving a new meaning to life.


Upper: two-tone (rough-out x dark brown)
Lining: Fully lined lambskin
Insole: Vegetable natural leather
Welt: 270degrees storm welt
Midsole: Vegetable natural leather with Eva midsole
Outsole: Vibram ripple sole


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