Mariana Boots August 31, 2019


One story that hasn’t been told yet. A bitter one but that was something to remember. With #Txture, let’s be a part of the change and corrected what was wrong between us.

Crafting the path to the past. #Txture will carry you to the most leaden tale in history. In the past, human ego has effects on life harmony and we must take responsibility as a human being. Let’s dive in and learn from the bitter memory that we feel.

Look in the mirror. Look beyond the eyes can see. Deep inside there is ego and anger that can be the source of wrecked life harmony in the past. The existence of one life is picturesque but annihilated by our own ego and anger. Walk with confidence, mend the heart that soiled inside and takes responsibility as a human being together.


Once upon a time on the island surrounded by ocean. There is one life that lives in the crescent-shaped archipelago. A picturesque lifeform that lives in group and spreading in Guam, Tinian, and Saipan. But tragedy approaching them and they felt it for many years. What tragedy that approaching them?

People have their own ego. Our ego is our perception of ourselves and how we are seen by the outside world. But in the past, ego have caused a huge negative effect on life and the world will see the beginning of something big.

War and destruction dispersing across the crescent-shaped archipelago called the Mariana Islands and it was caused by the human ego. Huge ego creating wrath and greed. This will lead to the downfall of one precious life


Tears fall. Nature felt the cry of sorrow around the earth. Because the downfall era has come. The age of extinction. One existence life has vanished and we are the cause of it. That one existence of life is Mariana duck. An outstalet duck.

They were suffered by draining of wetlands for agriculture and construction, hunting pressure, pollution by sugar mill wastes and mostly was war.

To remembered them and to take responsibility as a human being. #Txture crafting a memory that conveys the message and carries you to do something for greater change to make life picturesque again. You will see it soon enough.

Subsequent to the bitter memory in the past, we selected the right ingredients with care to convey the message that far from that so you can discover and sensate the feeling of outstalet duck. Heart to heart.

After selecting the right ingredients, we crafted it with heart and created it with soul so we can take tutelage so that in the future there will not more annihilation and extinction of one precious life in the future.

Mariana Boots

The true-bitter saga of Mariana mallard inspired #Txture to craft this article.
We are glad to introduce you our new article: Mariana Boots.
Mariana Boots wants to convey and entice us that precious life must be protected even just one existence life because every lifeform is picturesque to live in the earth.

Let’s walk with confidence as well as responsible as a human being and protect the lives picturesque for the future that will come⁣.

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Upper: two-tone (rough-out x dark brown)
Lining: Fully lined lambskin
Insole: Vegetable natural leather
Welt: 270degrees stormwelt
Midsole: Vegetable natural leather with Eva midsole
Outsole: Vibram ripple sole


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