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TXTURE The Aesthetic Enthusiasts at Brightspot Market

The Aesthetic Enthusiasts Welcoming the next Brighspot Market, Txture is releasing the new season collection called The Aesthetic Enthusiasts (Manfred Cavalier, Warhorse Scratch Light Tan, Warhorse) The presence of the […]

Txture 1988 De Luxe: The Suedecent Colors (Alliance)

ALLIANCE  Following the latest series of Txture project ‘Txture 1988 De Luxe Series’, Txture now releases the new collection; The Suedecent. Named after the basic material used, suede […]

Lightfeet (The waiting is end)

The waiting is end. The Lightfeet by Txture is finally released. After the its first introduction last year, Txture has developed the latest The Lightfeet products. Carrying simple […]

TXTURE 1988 de Luxe

We are very proud for achieving the next level of shoe making. The series, as how it is named after, is the deluxe edition of all Txture Series. […]

Les Series de Base de Phenix

Finally out the latest Txture Collection; Txture Basic Series. The official name for this series is ‘Les Series de Base de Phenix’, meaning ‘The Phoenix Basic Series’. The […]


Ale is now the member of TXTURE Family Music has always been the important part of life. Thru music, people express what they think or feel. Music is […]

The Eva Outsole Series

TXTURE now has products with EVA Outsole, the ones that are claimed to be the best in its class. The collection itself appears in 4 limited products. All […]


Greetings people. we are at the top of our joy for having our website finally launched. In our first exhibition at the denim Market III, we introduced the […]