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Greetings people. we are at the top of our joy for having our website finally launched. In our first exhibition at the denim Market III, we introduced the new look of our logo. This was also an interesting moment for we finally met our customers face to face.

This was supposed to be an introductory for the new customers. That moment was also our first opportunity to show our new division: TXTURE LIGHTWEAR.

Well, surely it is not the division that implants lamps in the sole that it blinks as it’s stepped on  This new division is made to facilitate our passion in fashion. Since we will not (and must not) limit ourselves to fantasy and creativity, we expands TXTURE products; TXTURE LIGHTWEAR.

Basically the products that this division makes is inspired by the daily use of dailylife. They are TX-SHIRTS (T-Shirts), The Bags and The Light Feet (Sandals).

At The Denim Market III we joyfully sold these products and introduced them to you. Although this was the first time we sold the products, we were very happy because the response was quite good

At the moment, you will not see the products here at the Shop. Because we try to make the new perfections for them until it is really ready. For you who are used to buying our products, don’t have to hesitate by the products of this new division. We still keep the trademarks and theme of TXTURE footwear; especially for The Light Feet, we still use leather and other quality materials as these were one of TXTURE’s trademarks.

The Light Feet has 3 models to come; Brooklyn, Evelyn and Marylin. You can see the sneakpeek for them here on our Gallery. The Bags is set in Backpack series with different colors.

Well, this will sum all about this new division. Keep visiting this website for you will never know when it finally will arrive.


-wuff’s wrapped words-