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Ale is now the member of TXTURE Family

Music has always been the important part of life. Thru music, people express what they think or feel. Music is also a medium to criticize what’s wrong as many of the bands have been doing all these years.

If we say Music and Fashion are two different inseperable issues; you guys can agree us for this is true. We can find or recognize a band from its fashion style.

Aleandre; a musician, the guitarist of two independent local bands (Full of Hate and Jeruji), is one of the people who can represent the argument.

The collaboration between Txture and Ale is something delightful for us because it shows how these two things walk in the same path. Aleandre is an icon of independent and creative scene in Bandung for the bands are known internationally. Both of them represent what fadedly heard, to say for those the unheard.

Catch Ale on Jeruji or Full of Hate’s latest gigs. Check them out, people!