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Les Series de Base de Phenix

 photo txture-2.jpg

Finally out the latest Txture Collection; Txture Basic Series. The official name for this series is ‘Les Series de Base de Phenix’, meaning ‘The Phoenix Basic Series’. The name is taken after its identical signature on the outsole; The Phoenix. The Series has 2 models available. The first one is the Basic Derby and the second is the Basic Brogue. We are glad that those can now be found at the finest stores in town; The Goods Dept. and Sir Store

Basic Derby has two colors available; dark brown and light one (tan). Dark Brown Derby Basic is made from High-Grade Pull-up Leather for upper, while the Light one has Nu-buck Leather. Both have Stitch-down construction using Leather outsole with distinguished Phoenix artwork signature. Basic Brogue is a long wongtip shoes made using Pull-up Leather for Upper, while the rest is the same as above. It has also the signature on one of the outsoles. This entirely-made-by-hand shoes are quite different and special. How these products are match-made to the contour of the feet, you really can know the difference after putting them on. It’s simple, nice and compfortable. The Phoenix artwork signature is philosophical. The Phoenix is the mythical bird that becomes the symbol of spirit and life. We would like to put the spirit of life, creativity, and originality on every product of ours.

Now Available at The Goods Dept and Sir Store.