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TXTURE X VOYEJ: Constructing History To Represent Glory


As you may know, some time ago we collaborated with Voyej to celebrate their 10th anniversary. We were given the opportunity to interpret one of their articles, we chose Vasa card. The theme is to construct history and package it into collaborative work. We are represented in the product literally by the “texture” through the characteristics arising from the supporting material. Every detail, stroke, and vein emerge exploratively in every inch of it. We also added a gold embossed combination logo that has a philosophy to represent glory.

TXTURE interpreted the Voyej Vasa card case in a unique design. We added a closure wrapped in Crazy Cow leather from Charles F Stead to highlight a “texture” in its true meaning. We are embedding TXTURE’s trademark Cadena chain-stitch (A one-of-a-kind type that we developed for years). Not only it offers a strong bond, the intertwined red and white yarns have strong philosophy too. They carry the spirit of blood rushing between the bones while applying the Swedish Vasa warship’s sculpture on the product’s colorway. We also used a luminous white line which means the path will be brightly stretched. Both brands try to materialize the philosophy behind each element.

The product here will be a token to remember. The moments may leave you scars, but you know they will make you shine. Let the experiences you had in the hard times inspire others.
Be luminous with a timeless collection of a collaboration between txture and Voyej.

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