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Yeay! We’re so excited joining The Denim Market III; our very first exhibition! So, on May 2011, Rubrik, an organizer from Jakarta, held The Denim Market III. As read from the name of the event, this was the third time the event done. After the first and the sequel held in the previous years, Rubrik came with a the Double Standard theme. It’s said that it’s inspired by the good quality of the local brands that could compete with international brands.

The event itself was held from 23-29 May 2011 at Grand Indonesia Shopping town, West Mall 5th floor. It was divided into two main programs; the first one was the photography exhibition started from 23-26 May 2011, and the second was the bazaar from 26-29 May 2011. Unfortunately we were so busy with the preparation that we couldn’t see the first show. Yeah right, we focused ourselves for the latter one. But we heard that the photography exhibition was good too. Bravo!

More interesting that the event had music performances from cool bands. Some of them were locally known, but some others were the bands you surely knew. They’re Soulvibe, Sir Dandy Harrington (sikat John!!; funny guy :D ) and Maliq and d’essentials. Groovy nite, wasnt it? :D

Hold up, people. You look confused,eh? The event was named The Denim Market, but we TXTURE, the footwear lines, joined it too. Yes, not only local denim brands joining as participants, we got brands from other lines too like footwear and clothing company.

OK, we were so glad for this event was the place to make moments for us to show and sell products directly to you. It was nice to see and hear that some of the visitors were the ones who had bought and purchased our products before. Some of them gave their testimonials and warm appraisal for our products. Ahhh such emotional moments. J

Here we come to the brands joining the event. They got Mischief Denim, Noots Jeans, Nipmuc Denim, Archa Denim, Five Denim, Old Blue Denim, Akai-me Denim, AYE! Denim, Momo Jeans. Those were some of the denim brands. Joining also Dreambirds Artwear, Cotton Island, Chiffon, The Shadow Puppet, and many others. While the footwear lines, TXTURE (YES IT’S US!), Havehad Footwear, Chevallier, Santalum, Maine ST.  You know what, it made us so proud that we have such awesome quality local brands. Never hesitate to buy their products. Visit their links! J

That’s it folks, we had such wonderful days having new friends and family. Hopefully we can meet up again. Oh, we uploaded some of the pictures we had at the venue. Go check our gallery. ENJOY!

Thank you, Rubrik, the brands, visitors and customers. Thank you The Denim Market!

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