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Unicorn Elk Leather: Discover the Unique Collection by Charles F. Stead

Charles F. Stead is a familiar name for the fans of leather products. Not only it’s known for the good quality of its products, but CFS is also famous for producing exotic leathers that are unique and have strong characters.
After launching Kudu, Crazy Cow, and other unique skins, TXTURE adds to the collection of a similar leather series from CFS called Unicorn Elk. As the name implies, this leather comes from an animal called Elk, a type of large deer from the Scandinavian plains. The naming of the unicorn on this type of leather was made by CFS itself. As they state when we asked about it, they say that the unicorn is one of the leathers they produce on Scandinavian elk hides (from Finland / Norway). Much like the Kudu, the elk is great for footwear because it’s really comfortable and supple from day 1, but also really durable and has a unique look to it. They think it was called Unicorn not just because it is magical, but also they would typically try to use ‘made up’ names for their articles – otherwise, they have a situation as they had at one point with the Kudu, where other tanneries try to buy the same raw material to re-create a similar article which just ends up pushing up the price for everyone because supply is always limited.
The Unicorn Elk leather comes in 6 colors: Bronze, Gaucho, Leaf, Polo Brown, Shingle, and Black.
Now that you have read the explanation coming directly from the tannery, please take a look at the preview of the leather. The stock is limited, so make sure to claim yourself a pair or two before they run out.

Contact us via WhatsApp or email and be the owner of these very few and unique types of leather.

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