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Discover the Perfect Shoe Color Palette for Personalization

With a wide selection of colors and leather materials that we have, we get a lot of questions regarding the best fit for the shoes’ color scheme.
Pictures above provide you a glimpse of what we do with our shoes. However, your shoes should present diversity and be more personal and unique. No wonder you are sometimes confused to choose the right color for you.

We’ll give you hints.

The first thing that must be selected is how this color choice reflects that you also support your dressing needs. Maybe to represent this, we need several parts, but for this first part, please swipe four important color group choices in outline based on the color and material options we have.


In this style, the dominant colors are gray, black, and dark blue with a combination of white or light blue shirts. But you are allowed to wear only black shoes. With black ti black tones, this composition will fit your business look.

Leather Pantone: BLACK


Taking earth, rust, and shades of green as the dominant color for this style gives the impression of a classic composition with a warm atmosphere.

Leather Pantone: Natural, Oxblood, Mahogany, Dark Brown, Chestnut, Scratches brown, Aged brown, Sage green.


This sharp-casual style has a variety of color compositions with a solid and bold color theme. This style has a flexible character, which can be set as a casual look or a semi-formal look. With a color composition that is quite broad, this style allows you to express yourself in a relaxed yet classic style. The use of chinos or denim can also be combined with this style.

Leather Pantone: Oxblood, Mahogany, Redwine, Navy Blue, Red-blood.


This style is inspired by workboots, motorcycle drivers, or outdoor activities. This composition does not emphasize color but on the choice of material composition that will appear to have the impression of a tough-looking character. For this type, you can combine it with selvedge denim.

Leather Pantone: Two-tone combinations, Sage green, Smoke gray, Rough-out leather, Aged Brown, Pebble grain leather, African kudu, Crazy cow.

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