The last shall be the first January 4, 2019 – Posted in: Blog, Journal, News

We always try to get out of our comfort zone, challenge ourselves to be better. In the past few months we have carried out research, the fit and proper test also consulted with experts regarding the form of the last aesthetically good and comfortable anatomy. One brand new last along with the developed version of the existing ones will be released for our ready to wear collection, stay tuned.

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TXTURE: Chelsea Boots May 19, 2018 – Posted in: New Release

After dozens of pattern experiments, we proudly introduce you the latest member of TXTURE boots family: Chelsea Boots. The laceless pattern boots, armed with elastic rubber on the side, easier to slide it for the feet. Add this pair to your shoe rack collection. We don’t stock it yet for ready to wear, but you can order them thru our MTO program. Taking approx 8 working weeks. Line: @TXTURE (use @) Whatsapp: +62 85759910 998 Mail:

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TXTURE Boondocker Boots May 14, 2018 – Posted in: Journal, New Release

Inspired by the soldier’s military boots at the world war. Not the best time to remember, but the bitter memory will not be a useful thing if it’s not for betterment. Boondockers boots in sage green rough-out, hand-welted construction with Vibram #705 outsole, showing a work made by hand. Hand stitching backstay area, although it’s hidden, it stands for an artistic value, manually sewn. Beautify looks to be more classic. Rivet in the lockstitch to add strength and…

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