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Rossie Rahmadi Homme X TXTURE Collaboration for Arnau Collection

Discover the captivating collaboration between TXTURE and Rossie Rahmadi Homme in the Arnau Collection. Immerse yourself in the harmonious fusion of fashion, art, and nature as we showcase exquisite menswear looks and innovative experimental shoes.

FÈS Boots: Celebrating nature authenticity

It is not a surprise that nature’s beauty has always left everyone out-of-words. With this philosophy, we seek to present to you the alluring charms of nature into […]

Warhorse boots in red-blood and Vibram Tygum #700

Boots make us (look) stronger. Red is the color that symbolizes strength, and blood emphasizes struggle. How if those elements are combined? Like this boots with basic warhorse, […]

Newcomer in our special material options

Another most significant feature in the boot-making process is the harmony between the different materials used, they must work together to create an integrated composition. Our expert select […]

Severity Boots

Started from the details, then we enhance it and make it more beautiful. The concept of this article is quite simple. Taking the basics from our Sanity lace […]

Commando – Wear them with pride

Dependable, long-lasting, trusted, proven The Commando sole is one of the most recognizable designs and is steeped in history. The ITSHIDE Commando collection is no exception. We can […]

Sample Moc-toe boots

A whole different sample pattern moc-toe boots basic from our article line-up. It’s a worth trying experiment. It’s fun like we always do in our workshop.