TXTURE Non-medical mask (FREE)

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In these challenging days, don’t break apart.⁣
We may part by distance but that will never make us lose.⁣
Tighten the loose, be strong.⁣
Because together, we can never be wrong.⁣
Together, we are unstoppable.⁣

Trying to take part to help during this recent health crisis (corona / covid19), we decided to produce the non-surgical mask for FREE⁣.

These masks are a form of caring for togetherness and a tool for prevention to stay safe when interacting with each other⁣⁣.
Made of 100% cotton. According to research, this type of material is still effective for capturing viruses. Plus we make this as a two-layer mask so you can add a filter between the layer.

We currently only ship this mask to addresses within Indonesia. We wanted to produce more, but the tight schedule limits our capacity.

Last but not least, hopefully, this small gesture helps.

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay strong.

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TXTURE Non-medical mask (FREE)


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