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    Upper: Crazy Cow – Classic Blue Leather (Charles F Stead) Extras: 6 Eyelets + 2 Speedhooks Hardware: Solid Brass Tongue: Gusseted Last: Budokan Construction: Cadenon (White-Gold-White) Outsole: Vibram 2021 Sand Welt: Storm-welt 360 Edge Trim: Natural Heels: Wedge

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    The cycle of life turns in an endless motion. Sometimes you exclaim on top of the world; some other time, you may scream in despair. Remember to keep it low when you’re victorious and hold your hope high when you’re down.
    True peace is when you find balance. You are capable of maintaining everything perfectly in sync

    These Mariana boots in crazy cow teak are the perfect fit for your feet to help you find the balanced victory

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    What would you do when the companion for your journey cannot keep up with you? Your unmatched desire is held back because they’re not strong enough. It’s like you don’t want to stop, but you can’t continue.
    Choose Txture to avoid this problem. The black, bold design of our Supremacy Boots in black will guarantee you to arrive at your destination. Act without worry with the black boots of luxury

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    A right choice of gentleman’s companion that complete all his appearance to conquer a journey. Contemporary and match style with elegance shape look. A sumptuous and classic companion that will encourage your walk.⁣