Warhorse Cadena – African Kudu Bushwacker


Wild and elegance. Tough and deluxe. A combination that should not miss. Solid cowboy with dashing look walking in the bar. The scar on his face, showing how life treats him in the wild. But the lesson is learn, make him strong and valiant. That hue now bound and blend into this pair of companions.⁣

Warhorse Cadena gold & white vertical string with African Kudu Bushwacker and Norwegian chain-stitched golden & white. A magnificent combination that rarely happen but interesting⁣


Upper: African Kudu Bushwacker (Charles F Stead)
Lining: Fully Lined
Footbed: Vegetable leather
Insole: Vegetable leather
Welt: Vegetable leather
Midsole: Vegetable leather
Outsole: British Commando Sole
Heels: Regular heels
Welt: Storm-welt
Construction: Norwegian Chainstitched


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