LLC Chukka Mohawk

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In the years of colonial civilization. Live the people from North America. Most easterly tribe of the Haudenosaunee; People of the longhouse.⁣

Their life, braves, and attitude even their culture and dressing have given new birth to our strong articles. And here is our new native boots for greatest adventure ever; LLC Chukka Mohawk⁣

There are a big difference and uniqueness from this boot compared to other LLC Chukka Boots. Located in the back of boots. The white string that stitched imperfectly by hand but the more you see it the more you sure that traditionally hand-stitching makes it more natural, strong and solid. Manifest the greatness of mohawk war chief⁣

Also, the stitching technique from bottom boots to the top and the pendants with beads manifest the traditional hairstyle of Mohawk men. Many men of the other tribes including Mohawk, remove most of their hair from the head by plucking (not shaving) tuft by tuft of hair until all that was left was a smaller section. You can see the similarity of Mohawk hairstyle behind these boots⁣.


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Upper: Chestnut brown – Pull-up leather
Lining: Vegetable natural leather
Insole: Vegetable natural leather
Welt – Midsole: Vegetable natural leather
Outsole: Half micro studded sole
Heels: Leather stacks heels with rubber
Construction: 270Degrees storm-welt


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