Civil Shoes – Derby October 26, 2015 – Posted in: New Release

Our new Civil shoes III. Shaped beautifully from our new Siuri V.2 last, wrapped gently with a black and redwine pull up leather. To bond the leather outsole results a perfect combination to step the road with the traditional veldtschoen construction . This composition will assure you to get THE look.    

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The 9th Brightspot Market (Report) March 4, 2013 – Posted in: Journal

The 9th Brightspot Market has been wrapped on 17th of February 2013. This event, no doubt, has been a huge and prestigious fashion destination awaited by many people. Taking place at Grand Indonesia, the event was held 4 days, from 14-17 February 2013, and bigger and larger. This was the third time TXTURE consecutively joined the event. New participants also took part for this huge record breaking event. We had good four days. Hopefully you…

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