TXTURE NEW DIV. : TXTURE Lightwear May 21, 2011 – Posted in: New Release

Greetings people. we are at the top of our joy for having our website finally launched. In our first exhibition at the denim Market III, we introduced the new look of our logo. This was also an interesting moment for we finally met our customers face to face. This was supposed to be an introductory for the new customers. That moment was also our first opportunity to show our new division: TXTURE LIGHTWEAR. Well, surely…

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A week after The Denim Market III, we hit another local brand exhibition called ‘Area Lokal’. This event was organized by Lilin Production and held in Mall Kelapa Gading La Piazza from 3 to 5 June 2011. With the supporting local brands spirit, the event was meant to make people more aware of the local brands and of course it was participated by local brands. Kemala, Kidnapped Ally, AYE! Denim, R&W Collection and of course…

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THE DENIM MARKET III DOUBLE STANDARD May 20, 2011 – Posted in: Journal

Yeay! We’re so excited joining The Denim Market III; our very first exhibition! So, on May 2011, Rubrik, an organizer from Jakarta, held The Denim Market III. As read from the name of the event, this was the third time the event done. After the first and the sequel held in the previous years, Rubrik came with a the Double Standard theme. It’s said that it’s inspired by the good quality of the local brands…

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