Les Series de Base de Phenix May 21, 2011 – Posted in: New Release

Finally out the latest Txture Collection; Txture Basic Series. The official name for this series is ‘Les Series de Base de Phenix’, meaning ‘The Phoenix Basic Series’. The name is taken after its identical signature on the outsole; The Phoenix. The Series has 2 models available. The first one is the Basic Derby and the second is the Basic Brogue. We are glad that those can now be found at the finest stores in town;…

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The Eva Outsole Series – Posted in: New Release

TXTURE now has products with EVA Outsole, the ones that are claimed to be the best in its class. The collection itself appears in 4 limited products. All of them can be found here at the website. But you guys have to be hurry to grab them for they are very limited. The EVA Outsole Series is a part of our project to deliver the needs of you, the passion lovers.The products of the series…

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TXTURE NEW DIV. : TXTURE Lightwear – Posted in: New Release

Greetings people. we are at the top of our joy for having our website finally launched. In our first exhibition at the denim Market III, we introduced the new look of our logo. This was also an interesting moment for we finally met our customers face to face. This was supposed to be an introductory for the new customers. That moment was also our first opportunity to show our new division: TXTURE LIGHTWEAR. Well, surely…

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