Cavalry Blucher Shoe August 14, 2017 – Posted in: Blog, Journal, New Release

Another member of our low quarter article, we present you Cavalry Blucher shoe. The cavalry is dubbed from Mr. Gebhard Leberecht von position during Napoleonic Wars in 1806. While blucher came from his alias after he assigned a group to make shoes with proportional sides in attempt to give comforts for the soldiers. What happened after is historical; the model has been adopted throughout European nations. Cavalry is also meant a metaphor for its brave…

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Commando – Wear them with pride February 9, 2017 – Posted in: Blog, Journal, News

Dependable, long-lasting, trusted, proven The Commando sole is one of the most recognizable designs and is steeped in history. The ITSHIDE Commando collection is no exception. We can trace ours back to the regulation British Army boots from the 1940s. Below is a vintage advertising poster from our archives. Today the classic design is as popular as ever with top footwear brands, providing the best grip for countryside boots – and a rugged look for city casual shoes. Made of high-quality rubber, they…

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The Supremacy Boots October 24, 2016 – Posted in: Journal

We’ve gone overboard 
for our new handsome boots! 
Our boots line-up has a brand new family: The supremacy boots. Play with dust and dirt, a perfect way to kick-off your unexpected journey or to accompany you in every mile it takes.This article originated from our monkey boots pattern. having a vertical signature string line like any others, it differs with brogue accent to have a more classic look

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