TXTURE is taken from the word “Texture”, which literally means density between two components. These two components are material and craftsmanship.

While the name TXTURE itself stands for TEXT for the FUTURE, a sentence that has the message that our shoes and boots are created not only in the form of a product but also have a message to tell in the future. Each wrinkle, bleeding and every stroke at each gesture has different experiences on each owner.

The TXTURE logo is in the form of a rose means beauty and life. TXTURE is the solid composition that will accompany whoever wears it to the greatest adventures in a beautiful composition.

The redefining time-honored boot & shoemaking, strongly constructed by skilled workmanship. Read as “Texture”, is an identity, the feel, appearance, or consistency of a surface or a substance, TXTURE is an attitude. Built in honor, independence, and incredible workmanship, made exclusively for the customers with great passions toward arts and the aesthetics. Keeping ourselves, our products as original as we could have always been at the heart of how we work. The more you see, the surer you are that the imperfections of hand made it presents is what makes this work perfect. Clean and clear, the trademark of TXTURE always holds.


Started in 2009, TXTURE began producing it is a very first collection; The Top Street. The collection itself became the milestone of TXTURE to explore and deepen the spirit of fine quality shoemaking. All TXTURE products are handcrafted in Bandung – Indonesia. The products themselves are performed in our own workshop (Aesthetic Factory) by skilled craftspeople. We use traditional manufacturing methods with the choice of the most durable and heritage type of construction in shoemaking; Goodyear Hand-Welted, Veldtschoen, Hand Stitched-down, and Cadenon or Triroles construction. All of them are made by hand with every single detail noticed. This process is the image of our loyalty and commitment to giving the best value for our customers.


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