LLC Chukka Boots

We proudly announce that we remake one of the greatest articles; LLC boots. This article takes chukka basic pattern with modifications here and there. The height is 4″-ish with hidden two-hole eyelets. The contrast string line accent added to give the silhouette and strong accent. The top line is modified to become more curvy, while the backstay is ergonomically designed — as you can see the sexy shape forms from the heel to the top.…

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Hand-welted (Video)

Handing a special work made by your own work earns different value, a priceless one. Work made by your own sweat dreams a whole-hearted effort, and we do that to convey that your value is beyond anything. Every production step is processed by hand. The inseam and outsole stitches are sewn by hand. What moved us since the beginning was our passion towards the shoes – every pair is made with single detail noticed. Please…

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Civil Shoes – Derby

Our new Civil shoes III. Shaped beautifully from our new Siuri V.2 last, wrapped gently with a black and redwine pull up leather. To bond the leather outsole results a perfect combination to step the road with the traditional veldtschoen construction . This composition will assure you to get THE look.    

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