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  • Cavalry shoes3

    Cavalry Blucher Shoe

    Another member of our low quarter article, we present you Cavalry Blucher shoe. The cavalry is dubbed from Mr. Gebhard Leberecht von position during Napoleonic Wars in 1806. While blucher came from his alias after…
  • unnamed

    Commando – Wear them with pride

    Dependable, long-lasting, trusted, proven The Commando sole is one of the most recognizable designs and is steeped in history. The ITSHIDE Commando collection is no exception. We can trace ours back to the regulation British…
  • moc-toe-details2

    Sample Moc-toe boots

    A whole different sample pattern moc-toe boots basic from our article line-up. It’s a worth trying experiment. It’s fun like we always do in our workshop.
  • supremacy-monkey-boots3

    The Supremacy Boots

    We’ve gone overboard 
for our new handsome boots! 
Our boots line-up has a brand new family: The supremacy boots. Play with dust and dirt, a perfect way to kick-off your unexpected journey or to accompany you…
  • dsc_8400

    Civil Boots – Derby

    This article is an interpreted pattern of our civil derby shoes turned into boots. We try to make boots with a simple impression. Dog tail detail, a pinched lock stitch and white string signature on…
  • warhorse-boots-army

    TXTURE at Brightspot Market 2016

    These horses are in the line waiting for the cavalrymen. Set your date and mark your calendar, the next Brightspot will be at Senayan City-Jakarta, September 29th – October 2nd, 2016. It will be the…
  • txturelc988

    LLC Chukka Boots

    We proudly announce that we remake one of the greatest articles; LLC boots. This article takes chukka basic pattern with modifications here and there. The height is 4″-ish with hidden two-hole eyelets. The contrast string…
  • norvegesse construction

    Hand-welted (Video)

    Handing a special work made by your own work earns different value, a priceless one. Work made by your own sweat dreams a whole-hearted effort, and we do that to convey that your value is…
  • txture civil shoe derby

    Civil Shoes – Derby

    Our new Civil shoes III. Shaped beautifully from our new Siuri V.2 last, wrapped gently with a black and redwine pull up leather. To bond the leather outsole results a perfect combination to step the…